Gasping [verb]

Definition of Gasping:

draw breath in sharply

Synonyms of Gasping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gasping:


Sentence/Example of Gasping:

They fell against the tree stump and reeled clear again, swaying, gasping, and striking when they could.

Dick was almost gasping for breath, and as he buried his head in his hands, he tried to understand, to realise.

Ida sat down gasping, when her companion stopped, and gazed with an instinctive shrinking into the gulf below.

They were gasping when they reached a ledge of rock a little below the summit, but that was not why they sat down.

Not his brain alone, his voice was gasping it, harshly and croakingly, his lungs seeming on fire as they expelled the word.

For a moment he knelt gasping beside the shapeless being, his great hands spasmodically feeling the pulseless breast.

Then the lamentable outcries sank to a gasping and sobbing which could only be imagined by the spectators on the hill.

The yacht bounded upward again, and—but for the man clinging and gasping for dear life—the deck was swept bare.

I was like an infant in his hands, and lay across the chair, in an exceedingly uncomfortable position, gasping for breath.

The second sent Richard Darrell gasping and sobbing into the snow-bank ten feet away.