Gassy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gassy:

But there were two or three English nobs there who were so gassy in their style, that I forgot my Deutsch for the moment.

Many total abstainers from alcohol are tempted to take "gassy" drinks, fizzes and so forth.

When a cheese is gassy, the sides are most liable to be bulged and the body is full of gas holes or pockets.

A Brick cheese-maker has no means of controlling gassy fermentations.

Because of the high acid development, it often happens that the cheese will not be gassy but will be sour.

At best a cheese made from milk having gassy fermentation will have a bad flavor.

When a cheese is gassy, it usually puffs up from gas pressure as in the rising of bread.

If "gassy" fermentations occur, it signifies an abnormal condition.

If "gassy" curds are put to press, the abnormal fermentation may continue.

Dollops was digging, when something suddenly exploded, and shot up into our faces with a volume of gassy smoke.