Gastric [adjective]

Definition of Gastric:

pertaining to the stomach

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Sentence/Example of Gastric:

I think the present data are quite strong that as obesity becomes a greater problem in the United States, we’re seeing more of certain kinds of cancer, like breast cancer and gastric cancer and liver cancer.

Button batteries can also cause longer-lasting gastric damage if they’re not removed swiftly — within 12 hours, according to researchers.

(b) Diseases of the stomach associated with deficient hydrochloric acid, as chronic gastritis and gastric cancer.

Except in gastric ulcer, the danger lies in the retching produced, and the tube can safely be used if the patient takes it easily.

It is secreted by the gastric glands, and is transformed into pepsin by the action of a free acid.

The presence of lactic acid is the most suggestive single symptom of gastric cancer.

Considerable numbers of pus-corpuscles have been found in some cases of gastric cancer.

Remnants of food from previous meals indicate deficient gastric motility.

Their presence is strong evidence against the existence of gastric cancer, in which disease they rarely occur.

Recognition of occult hemorrhage has its greatest value in diagnosis of gastric cancer and ulcer.