Gat [verb]

Definition of Gat:

come into possession of; achieve

Synonyms of Gat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gat:

Sentence/Example of Gat:

Then the king gat his spear in both his hands, and ran toward Sir Mordred crying, Traitor, now is thy death day come.

And it was at this season that the fjord near-by which the kings most oft abode gat its name of Harding.

The people of those parts assembled and fought against him; but Olaf was victorious and gat much plunder.

The men of the land came together and did battle with him, but Olaf gat the victory and much booty.

Many men were at his beck throughout that winter, and when the spring-tide came called he a muster and gat him many more.

So back to Norway fared he that autumn, & abode at home during that winter, but little enough pleasure gat he the while.

Sore smote was Halldor, a deep wound gat he in the countenance, and to him was it a blemish all the days of his life.

And the King gave Karl a large & noble stead & gat him a good marriage.

Then Haji Kas arose, and gat him out of the chest; and he and his son slank away in shame together.

Then I got three more with the gat before somebody landed me a lallapaloosa on the beano and I took the count.