Gauchos [noun]

Definition of Gauchos:

equestrian; commuter

Synonyms of Gauchos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauchos:


Sentence/Example of Gauchos:

The eye of the gaucho flashed at the insult; he applied his finger to the trigger, and the charge flew.

While we were proceeding, I related to the gaucho my life and adventures, as far as I thought necessary he should know.

"All," answered the gaucho, with his eye fixed on the pieces of gold that Tyro amused himself by chinking in his hand.

The landscape was in Gaucho days the same for hundreds of miles.

The gaucho remounted his horse, and set off; he soon disappeared in the darkness.

"Never—neither my brother nor I—we have no fear," said the gaucho, in a harsh voice.

The more the game advanced, the more the anxiety of the gaucho increased.

What happened to the Gaucho when she blew the Smuts up is too fresh in everybody's mind.

After that, the Gaucho began reporting directly, and her topside identification-light went out.

"All right, we have her spotted; we're going to open up on her," the voice from the Gaucho announced.