Gaudiness [noun]

Definition of Gaudiness:


Synonyms of Gaudiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaudiness:

Sentence/Example of Gaudiness:

While Wonder Woman has lately been commanding media attention with her gaudy, sentimental take on the power of positive thinking, Zorro commits to social action without losing his nimble sense of humor.

Too often, Pederson seemed to imply, flashy is a gaudy strand of numbers strewn across a stat sheet that means nothing to the standings.

A 13-member committee meets five or six or seven times per autumn in a gaudy hotel near the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

While I didn’t mind the bright blue light, my wife found it a bit gaudy.

If an outside entity does take on more park responsibilities on his watch, Gloria promised to ensure philanthropists and companies who make donations don’t fill the park with gaudy ads or monuments.

Even in this clear Southern climate, the effect of gaudiness will in time pass off.

There were winters in Florida at sun-flooded resort towns full of gaudiness and gambling and surprising winter-resort people.

The faade is gorgeous yet elegant, of a gaudiness that in this brilliant city of golden sunshine and white walls is not obtrusive.

Evidences of departed grandeur elbow old dirt and new gaudiness.

The matron may wear diamonds or pearls, but must not attempt to emulate the gaudiness of a Queen Elizabeth.