Gaudy [adjective]

Definition of Gaudy:

bright and vulgar

Synonyms of Gaudy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaudy:

Sentence/Example of Gaudy:

Batterby, in gaudy raiment, went to an office in Manchester; in gaudier raiment he often attended race meetings.

The belated moon stole up from its lair, hovered above the sky-line, a gaudy orange sphere in the haze of smoke.

Not even in Agra, and certainly not in gaudy Lucknow, had Malcolm seen any structure of such striking architectural effect.

She laughed at the comedy and wept—she and the gaudy woman next to her wept over the tragedy.

We got Fanny a dress on the sly, gaudy black velvet and Duchesse lace.

The object was to show Belle that gaudy valley of the Vaisigano which the road follows.

And when I took a ticket for a raffle, I hardly counted upon winning this particularly gaudy sofa-cushion.

Well, there was a big outlandish parrot on each side of the clock, made out of something like chalk, and painted up gaudy.

In a scarf of brilliant and gaudy tint he wore a large pin in the form of a horseshoe, with imitation brilliants in it.

Really, many of the flies from the tackle shops look neat and gaudy enough, but like Hodge's razors, are they not made to sell?