Gauged [verb]

Definition of Gauged:

measure, judge

Synonyms of Gauged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauged:

Sentence/Example of Gauged:

The new process is aimed at helping issuers and their advisers gauge demand, especially for high-growth companies subject to wide differences in valuation among investors, the people said.

Maybe just listening to the unboastful Fullers yields a gauge of how the past half-century has seen the American respect for the female athlete hatch, then wobble, then gallop.

In the case of AlphaFold 2, what DeepMind has done instead is build in a confidence gauge, which asks AlphaFold 2 to say how confident it is in its own predictions for each part of the protein structure.

Germany’s DAX index plans its most sweeping overhaul since its inception, adding 10 new companies and new quality controls after the implosion of Wirecard AG rocked investor confidence in the gauge.

The ongoing averages offer a continuously updated gauge of overall support for each candidate.

The other elephant, however, gauged the distance and came upon him again with great momentum.

Grout is thin liquid mortar, and is legitimately used in gauged arches and other work when fine joints are desired.

Gauged work has very thin joints, as shown at H, formed by dipping the side of the brick in white lime putty.

Arches in brickwork may be classed under three heads: plain arches, rough-cut and gauged.

Gauged brickwork is set in lime putty instead of common mortar; the finished joints should not be more than 1/32 in.