Gauges [noun]

Definition of Gauges:

measure, standard

Synonyms of Gauges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauges:

Sentence/Example of Gauges:

On the wall of his room was a map of the Southern States, showing by colored lines the various gauges of all the railroads.

Some rain-gauges are constructed for showing the quantity of rain which falls from each of the four principal quarters.

The observation of rain-gauges and hygrometers at the same three descriptions of locality.

To provide efficient safety-valves, steam-gauges, and other appurtenances.

But one feels that he loves and hates his children as we do, and that he correctly gauges their moral value.

Both diving gauges had failed and the gyroscopic compass had followed suit.

The oil, by the force of gravity, flowed from one craft to the other until the gauges showed a full supply.

Some had their hands at the controls, others were holding wrenches, gauges and strange, nameless things.

These gauges are based upon a very simple principle, known as the "limit" principle.

What does the black hand on each of the air gauges indicate?