Gauging [verb]

Definition of Gauging:

measure, judge

Synonyms of Gauging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauging:

Sentence/Example of Gauging:

For either product, “be sure to check the pressure gauges every month to ensure the extinguishers are still good or are fully charged,” Berliet says.

Fund managers and Wall Street analysts see the volatility gauge as a helpful tool to measure investor risk appetite.

More than $2 trillion has been wiped from the value of American equities this week and Wall Street’s fear gauge spiked to the highest in four months.

One way we at The Washington Post look at these polls is by averaging the highest-quality ones, which gives us a gauge of candidates’ support both nationally and in contested states.

That, in turn, offers a gauge of how much of an antibody is present.

A strong dollar is one of those metrics that’s become a somewhat reliable gauge for an incumbent’s chances for reelection.

The tech-heavy gauge is at risk of falling to its 200-day average, according to the strategist.

His eyes were again fixed upon her as though gauging accurately the extent of his influence upon her.

I am seldom wrong in gauging character; these are his vital spots, and they are of the essence of this matter.

Gauging of the principal springs, both in the neighbourhood of the areas of plantation and at places far removed from those areas.