Gauzy [adjective]

Definition of Gauzy:

see-through, gossamer in texture

Synonyms of Gauzy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gauzy:

Sentence/Example of Gauzy:

On the eastern fluttered gauzy veils, feathery fans, blazing brocade of Mosul, and kerchiefs of Kufa.

Next came Elsie, looking exceedingly like a valentine in her gauzy dress, her fair hair waving over her shoulders.

So with Epimetheus's consent she opened the lid once more, and out fluttered a tiny little creature with beautiful gauzy wings.

But Cupid gently freed himself from her clinging arms, and spreading his gauzy wings flew out into the night.

On the 29th a cold south-easter blew off the ice-cliffs and the sun was trying to pierce a gauzy alto-stratus.

They were dressed for a dance, and drew gauzy scarfs around their anxious faces.

The sun had burst through the gauzy mists which veiled it, and the whole broad Weald was washed in golden light.

I felt that there ought to be a pyramid of gauzy canvas aloft, spinnakers, flying jibs, and what not.

Cynthia wore a white gauzy frock made over blue silk that was soft as a pansy leaf.

The Hemerobiid is a large family, comprising, as a rule, delicate insects with rather ample gauzy wings.