Gave [verb]

Definition of Gave:

contribute, supply, transfer

Opposite/Antonyms of Gave:

Sentence/Example of Gave:

There he gave orders for the car to be put into running condition for the following morning, and returned to the hotel.

So far as the right or wrong of having contraband whisky was concerned, I don't think any one gave it a second thought.

Various impulses urged him into a pouring flood of words; yet he gave expression to none of them.

One adorable smile she gave him, and before he could advance to hold the door for her, she had opened it and passed out.

Some peculiar lines between these contracted brows gave a character of ferocity to this forbidding and sensual face.

Davy read this over two or three times, in the greatest perplexity, and then gave it up in despair.

This gave the house a very cheerful appearance, as if it were constantly on a broad grin.

But in the end his health gave way, and the Emperor himself wrote to Prince Eugne telling him to send the old warrior home.

She suddenly sank back upon the pillow and gave up to bitter anguish, when she recalled what had followed.

But she kept the same tone, and its tender archness only gave a greater sweetness to his sense of relief.