Gawked [verb]

Definition of Gawked:

stare at in amazement

Synonyms of Gawked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gawked:


Sentence/Example of Gawked:

He just gawked at him from the deck, noting that the man had one hand on a sheath knife.

He gawked, reddening; his right hand quivered; and to my chagrin he slowly laughed, scanning me.

He picked a fairly early hour, too, because what matter if a few yawps gawked as the Tiara vanished?

As he came down the street he stopped occasionally and gawked around.

In any case she must often have been stung by the exasperation of those at whom she gawked.

I stood there with my chin two inches from the rug and gawked at him.

Well, isn't there some place we can go where we won't be gawked at by all these hoodlums?

I want to get away from being gawked at during all my waking hours.