Gawkiness [noun]

Definition of Gawkiness:

clumsiness; inelegance

Opposite/Antonyms of Gawkiness:

Sentence/Example of Gawkiness:

But in place of gawkiness and grunts, the golden virtue of silence, and the conscious pride of natural dignity.

How a young lover made ridiculous by the gawkiness of modern costume must envy the picturesque gallants of seventy years ago!

In another year he would doubtless lose all his gawkiness and become quite a gallant.

And it was only a certain gaucherie, a gawkiness on Anna's part that irritated her against the girl.

Now she had an attractive gawkiness, as she hung a moment, not knowing how to carry her shoulders.

Could it be that her very gawkiness and frank simplicity were the result not of bucolic nature, but of dissimulation?

As it turned out, the minister's wife did most of the talking, smiling good-humouredly at country gawkiness the while.

It's "raw-bone" and gawkiness has swept things before it, and has built up great things in all times.