Gawking [verb]

Definition of Gawking:

stare at in amazement

Synonyms of Gawking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gawking:


Sentence/Example of Gawking:

The green hands stood gawking about; some overcome by fear and the suddenness of danger, plunged down the companionway.

A quarter mile away stood a farm house, and in front of it two men gawking at our "circus," indifferent to our peril.

Here, you people, don't stand there gawking like a lot of dotty chumps!

Then he was amazed at the shifting changes, the glory of its loneliness, and the utter absence of the curious and gawking.

After closing the door behind him, he stepped to the piazza, and stopped on the edge of it, gawking around like a country lout.

I need to feel that way, acting foolish, gawking around here like some fool kid.

Like a flash the others followed him, and stood at attention just in his rear, gawking and peering in our direction.

Gawking and gaping as though 'twere Christmas and Roman candles going off!

"'Tend to your business, there; don't be gawking around," said the Orderly sternly.

For fifteen years I have been the 'objective' of the gawking squad.