Gawky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gawky:

He was reminded of the flight of time only by the growth of his son—a gawky, long-limbed boy.

Mediocrity had only seen the gawky stripling, with his moonstruck air, and pestilent habit of trying some new crotchet.

It sets up a gawky fellow to find a girl who ain't ashamed to be seen walking with him Sundays.

Three big, gawky helmet-headed beetles next followed, bearing rice-sprouts, with full heads of rice.

But who would ever have imagined that that gawky shock-headed American boy had really got so much romance in him!

The niece, rustic and gawky; the companion sour and frumpish.

A frowsy, rat-faced woman and a gawky youth of fourteen stuck their heads out the doorway at either side of the man.

You're ugly and gawky enough, Dave, but no evil angel of temptation was ever so compelling as you.

The gawky hero looked very sheepish while she tied the soft bandage fast.

A gawky, long-limbed woman stalked in, smiling grimly at Eubank, but with the tail of his eye on the girl in the doorway.