Gaze [noun]

Definition of Gaze:

long, fixed stare

Synonyms of Gaze:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaze:

Sentence/Example of Gaze:

We forge ahead with the same passion for the Institute’s mission, the same distinctive practical optimism, the same gaze toward the future.

Maybe now we needed dozens or hundreds of narrower gazes, using the Transit Technique as the principal method of discovery.

From start to finish, keep your gaze locked on the kettlebell.

Keeping your shoulders relaxed and your chest forward, slowly look up to the ceiling, letting your head follow your gaze.

Then slowly move your gaze down to the floor and try to look at your belly button.

Louis stood firm, though pale and respectful, before the resentful gaze of Elizabeth.

Gaze not upon another man's wife, and be not inquisitive after his handmaid, and approach not her bed.

The patch of soft green that I knew for the cottonwoods Rutter had spoken of drew my roving gaze whether I would or no.

She stopped, and turned to face him, an incredible shyness seeming to cause her to avoid his gaze.

Thus enjoined, she took the letter; for a second her eyes met Garnache's glittering gaze, and she shivered.