Gazebos [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gazebos:

Its garden which used to be terraced down to the river, and quaint little gazebo are still lovely.

One gazebo wants to buy a castle in the old country; another wants a racing stable; another a steam yacht.

And if I find any gazebo getting too thick with her, then up speaks little Bertie for the word that makes her his.

You're goin' t' frame up a nice little telegram t' this guy Geoff—oh, you sure are th' fly gazebo!

The Folly was a long two-storied house, with a tower or gazebo at one end.

Yet somehow the little gazebo of an octagonal summerhouse set high up on the north side in Bellevue grounds stamps the scene.

"You can call it your little Gazebo as much as you like, but it's nothing but a confounded summerhouse," he shouted.