Gazer [noun]

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Unsolaced so often turns its gaze away from the responsible corporations and toward groups of people who hardly have any impact that it starts to feel willfully ignorant.

A strange spell came over the gazer, a spell of tender awe and ineffable peace.

Shall the gazer who would read the secrets of the stars turn because under his feet a worm may writhe?

After supper, the dancers all went back to their boats, and this time the Star Gazer entered that of the eldest Princess.

They sent for the Star Gazer, and asked him how he had contrived to learn their secret; but still he remained silent.

"The transit of Venus, Rittenhouse," for it was that observation which had given this star-gazer fame and recognition abroad.

From his seat beneath the trees the gazer looks down away to the west upon one of the most lovely sights that earth affords.

We will Deserve our subjects faith for our own sake, Not sit an idle gazer at the helm.

But Charlotte Graham had none of that ostentation of beauty which provokes the gazer to criticise.

Mary's standards were those of the dreamer and the star gazer.