Gazing [verb]

Definition of Gazing:

stare at

Synonyms of Gazing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gazing:

Sentence/Example of Gazing:

In early 2020, Alexis Triplett watched the news coming out of China, her gaze set on a TV inside her cell in La Vista Correctional Facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

That her reference about history fixing its gaze on us came directly from the musical “Hamilton” communicated a hope that we’ve embarked collectively on an invigorating new production.

In a single gaze, we can see the entirety of a skyscraper or the layout of a battlefield.

It’s ignoring the blue sky and the trees to focus your gaze on the dirt.

To the extent McEnany and McDaniel are looking for the culprits, they might want to expand their gaze to the places that most changed how they voted.

The Alcalde was kneeling by his side, gazing sadly and earnestly into the face of the dying man.

He was holding his big head high in the air, like a giraffe, and gazing proudly about him as he ran.

Bernard folded his hands together—almost devoutly—and stood gazing at her with a long, inarticulate murmur of satisfaction.

Yet when I stop gazing the next impulse is to move on; for if I have time to rest anywhere, why not at home?

"I believe that is what they call it," Gordon answered, gazing back at her with his densely clouded blue eyes.