Gearing [verb]

Definition of Gearing:

prepare, equip

Synonyms of Gearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gearing:

Sentence/Example of Gearing:

For starters, Shimano offers GRX in both 1x and 2x drivetrains with gearing ranges optimized for gravel and bikepacking.

Hitherto we have been caught in the running of our own machine: it is time that we altered the gearing of it.

This member is always positively driven, either by means of shaft and universal coupling or direct gearing.

The pump is always a separate appliance attached to the engine and driven by positive gearing or direct-shaft connection.

The objection can be easily met by carrying the cam-shaft above the cylinders and driving it by means of gearing.

Many combination drives may be worked out with chains that would not be possible with other forms of gearing.

An essential part of the machine is a small but heavy fly-wheel connected by gearing with the cam.

The gearing by which the traction wheels of a traction engine are made to drive the engine is an important item.

He had a frame placed on four wheels, and fitted up with windlasses attached by gearing to the several wheels.

This brings the gearing nearer the traction wheels and reduces its weight and complication.