Geese [noun]

Definition of Geese:

ambition, inspiration

Opposite/Antonyms of Geese:

Sentence/Example of Geese:

Canada geese have become overpopulated in many urban areas due to a lack of predation, and the reestablishment of coyotes, although small, is helping manage urban geese numbers.

People are busy ballooning or driving; shooting like stars along railroads; or migrating like swallows or wild-geese.

Suddenly they came to a spot where five or six geese and a few goslings were waddling about.

As there was a stile near, leading into a field, they all got over the stile, and thus passed the geese.

“He knows it,” shouted Aristide with a delighted gesture which nearly cast Jean to the circumambient geese.

The third introduces a man in old Colburn's Arithmetic, driving his sheep or geese to market.

She was very glib with the sheep and the geese, but the grindstone made her head ache, and she gave it up.

Dear little birds, and even asses and geese, have been known to share in this "life sphere" or "atmosphere" of man's brain.

Sometimes Jehosophat's father opens the gate in the fence and lets the geese wander down to the pond.

"So they expect to trap me, these geese and jailers who have temporary dominance over my life," thought he, in scorn.