Geezer [noun]

Definition of Geezer:

old-fashioned person

Synonyms of Geezer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Geezer:


Sentence/Example of Geezer:

He is not officially old enough to play a geezer, though he makes a good one.

Our next president is likely to either start out as a geezer or become one in office.

Many more of them kind, Pippin reflected, would carry the old geezer off, sure thing.

I hold here an envelope to be delivered to Tomasso Slade—main geezer of the Elks.

But wont it jar the old geezer when his pipe goes out, to-night?

"Something's biting the old geezer," he informed Hal and Ellis.

He's th' geezer that made fame up to Poison Knob three years ago.

At the last tutors I was at, the old chaps wife was the most awful old geezer you ever saw.

I'm with you in wanting to break that gold-frilled geezer's face up into small sections, but it just won't do.

But the old geezer nodded quickly, glaring at me and trying to wheeze something.