Gelatin [noun]

Definition of Gelatin:

thickened fruit prepared for

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Sentence/Example of Gelatin:

Sprinkle the gelatin into the water and let stand until it dissolves, whisking briefly to ensure all the gelatin is moistened.

After months of research, he reportedly discovered that the problems stemmed from changes in the chemical makeup of the gelatin.

Those who have tried to handle gelatin dry plates with moist hands will readily appreciate the value of this simple contrivance.

Medicinal substances may be incorporated with the gelatin mixture.

This is done by first growing the bacteria in some medium such as beef broth, gelatin, or on potato.

That bacteria are also present can be proved by exposing a sterilized gelatin plate to the air in a schoolroom for a few moments.

Gelatin and starch are added for the same purpose, though they are not frequently used.

When a great quantity of gelatin is present the filtrate will be opalescent instead of perfectly clear.

If the filtrate is perfectly clear gelatin is absent and picric acid may be added without producing any noticeable effect.

If much gelatin is present a yellow precipitate is produced, smaller amounts produce a cloudiness.