Gelatinous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gelatinous:

I often had to turn away from the footage of doctors carefully sucking away gelatinous brain tumors from an opened skull, but the fact that two people underwent brain surgery while they were awake completely amazed me.

Each is surrounded by a gelatinous capsule, which is its distinctive feature (Fig. 9).

The shell is thick, and is surrounded by an uneven gelatinous envelop which is often stained with bile.

To this are added 250 parts by weight of washed gelatinous alumina.

The edible part is grey and gelatinous, and it contains numerous dark-colored seeds.

Gelatinous hydrate of magnesia (as the last).199 Calcined magnesia (taken as the first).

Included in the catch were a large number of monstrous gelatinous ascidians or "sea-squirts."

At first the plant is nearly gelatinous; but it soon acquires more firmness, and continually increases in size.

Boiled in water, it swells, becomes gelatinous, and may be served up in various ways.

Amyloid, am′i-loid, n. a half-gelatinous substance like starch, found in some seeds.