Gender [noun]

Definition of Gender:

grammatical rules applying to nouns that connote sex or animateness

Synonyms of Gender:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gender:


Sentence/Example of Gender:

I think there’s a lot of talk about trying to figure out a way to make restaurants more equitable, meaning equitable among gender, among races, more equitable among workers that are there.

After the story was published she said in a note to staff and investors her issue had nothing to do with gender.

Studies have also shown it helps if the person doing the intervention shares characteristics, such as gender or race, with the people for whom the messaging is targeted.

Combining Glemaud’s joyful, gender-neutral, body positive approach with the clean knitwear designs he’s become known for, the designer created three knit bands.

Those gender disparities largely persisted even when the researchers zoomed in on households where men and women both held jobs that could be completed at home.

On Friday, September 11, join us for a discussion on the gender gap in SEO.

Lee says that in tech in particular, there are lots of challenges around gender and inclusion of underrepresented groups.

In the end, Mulan hasn’t broken the rules of femininity that really matter in Disney’s gender coding.

That goes for really any community, any race, any gender, and that goes for different schools of thought as well.

Racial and gender issues are also key topics on I May Destroy You.