Genealogical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Genealogical:

A rather foolish man of great wealth, was asked one day, if he had his genealogical tree.

All the Roman senate would have cried, "Show us our genealogical tree."

These two persons, however, are only known to us through somewhat doubtful genealogical documents.

It all grows, however, in genealogical trees, these being the predominant intellectual growth in the editor's mind.

A fact which somewhat diminishes the genealogical value of this feature in the mesoblast in Elasmobranchii.

I can show you our genealogical tree; Hedwige had no children; Huldine, the second wife, had three.

This is surprising, as the Maoris are very careful in regard to their genealogical records.

The Latter-day Saints have a specific, and, indeed, unique purpose in genealogical investigation.

The genealogical difficulty is the only one which he quotes, and as to which Mr. Newman is permitted to speak for himself.

The genealogical explanation seems to me to be pressed too far here.