Genealogies [noun]

Definition of Genealogies:

person's family tree

Synonyms of Genealogies:

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Sentence/Example of Genealogies:

Our movements spring from a genealogy of struggle that includes fights for the abolition of enslavement, anti-lynching campaigns, fights for sovereignty, civil rights, and workers’ rights.

William Berry, an English author, died at Bristol, aged 77; author of various works on genealogy and heraldry.

That was Pfalz-Neuburg's logic: none of the best, I think, in forensic genealogy.

This again led Moslim critics to the study of genealogy and geography.

Are you not a man whose genealogy, if verified, proves that you descend from Bahila?

For it is said that he had a genealogy, but that it was not in the priestly family.

Discovered to be your cousin by Maître Gilles, the expert in genealogy, remember, Chevalier.

But, as we have already seen, this is the precise genealogy attributed to the Cabala by the Jews.

The genealogy of the kings of Edom in Genesis (36, 31) is intended as a warning to Israel in the appointment of kings.

They are too ignorant to have acquired accounts of genealogy, and perhaps indisposed by the irregularity of their habits.