Generalissimo [noun]

Definition of Generalissimo:

supreme commander

Synonyms of Generalissimo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generalissimo:


Sentence/Example of Generalissimo:

When one has a unique title superior to that of Marshal, the title of Generalissimo of the Poles, nothing else matters.

Still, they scamper after their generalissimo in the end, and meanwhile he is much too dignified to look back.

Manifestation of the signature of Baal-Zeboub, generalissimo of the armies of Lucifer, written in fire upon the void.

Before he was advanc'd to be a Doge, which was in 1722, he serv'd the Republic with distinction in quality of Generalissimo.

And Jerusha carried her splendid turban off down the terrace with the air of an aged generalissimo.

Wallenstein now began to assume the title of generalissimo of the Emperor by sea and land.

At last came a petition from Massachusetts, begging that Congress should "take command of the army by appointing a generalissimo."

In an instant the Generalissimo of the Kaiser's army sprang to the telegraphist's side and read the Imperial command.

Yonder hangs his banner alone in the midst of our camp, as if he were king and generalissimo of our whole Christian army.

At its head stands the Emir, as generalissimo, prince, and chief of religion.