Generalized [verb]

Definition of Generalized:

make a sweeping assumption, statement

Synonyms of Generalized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generalized:

Sentence/Example of Generalized:

Their intelligence is of a generalized character, and is capable of developing in new channels.

This Mrs. Miner had generalized from long experience with her husband.

Also, on the basis of this same index, some subspecies of D. ordii are more generalized than is any other species in the genus.

Dipodomys ordii is the most generalized Recent species of the genus.

The autumn with pathos has a way there of overwhelming her many fragrances in the general odour of dead leaves generalized.

The mind of the typical intellectual is too generalized to be lured by any such alternative.

At best language can but be the outward facet of thought on the highest, most generalized, level of symbolic expression.

Their similarity goes beyond the generalized facts registered in the table.

The intransitive form derives from the transitive by dropping a generalized, customary, reflexive or cognate object.

The understanding has generalized simply and hastily, without seeking for justification.