Generalizing [verb]

Definition of Generalizing:

make a sweeping assumption, statement

Synonyms of Generalizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generalizing:

Sentence/Example of Generalizing:

I am generalizing — there are many things I loved at Storm King.

Notable among these was the concept of homology, which Poincaré introduced to generalize Riemann’s ideas to higher dimensions.

An illustration of the difficulty of generalizing when speaking of matters on the spirit-side just now occurs to me.

Mr Burnet is fearful lest the authority of Sir Joshua should induce a habit of generalizing too much.

It was the imagination and generalizing power of Karl Marx which brought these two movements into relationship.

These anecdotes exhibit but a slight exaggeration of the generalizing tendencies of many modern travellers.

"This is as it should be," he said, with an air of generalizing.

"But this is generalizing," the doctor interrupted himself at last.

The science of understanding, by generalizing contradiction, solves all concrete contradictions.

The entire nature of reason consists in generalizing sense perceptions, in abstracting the common elements out of concrete things.