Generated [verb]

Definition of Generated:

produce, create

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Sentence/Example of Generated:

As a general rule, Bateman said, purchasing food and other items that are made locally generates less carbon emission, because these products don’t need to be transported long distances or stored and repackaged at a retailer.

This qualifies as a splashy deal for the Suns, who are seeking to build on the momentum generated by their 8-0 run through the bubble and return to the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

It generated a large amount of media attention but did not significantly affect the company’s ad revenue.

Executives warned last month that the company will burn more cash than it generates until 2022 and that it will take at least a year beyond that to clear the mothballed Max out of its inventory.

While one of the arguments for ANWR drilling is that it may generate some oilfield jobs in northern Alaska, the speed of developing infrastructure in such a remote, austere place is much slower than the speed of permitting.

Despite going up against two very strong retailers in a category that currently generates a very small percentage of Kohl’s sales, Gass is undaunted.

Women’s products generate more than a third of Levi’s revenue, much more than when Bergh became CEO, but less than what the company would like.

Last valued at $16 billion, DoorDash is also no longer burning through cash, generating $315 million in those months compared to the $308 million it razed in the same period a year earlier.

What’s more, DoorDash is now generating more cash than it is using, taking in $315 million in the first nine months of 2020, while burning through $308 million in the same period last year.

The General Social Survey, ongoing since 1972, has helped generate over 27,000 scholarly publications.