Generating [verb]

Definition of Generating:

produce, create

Synonyms of Generating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generating:

Sentence/Example of Generating:

Billions upon billions of dollars worth of generating equipment were rendered valueless.

Each of these nervous masses contains nerve-cells as well as nerve-fibres, and is capable of generating nerve-force.

Otto von Guericke, burgomaster of Magdeburg, invented the electrical machine for generating large quantities of the electric fire.

Yet the failure of the bulb casts no reflection upon the generating station, for the current is still there.

In this ship they had more generating facilities than all the power stations of Earth combined!

They haven't learned enough yet to want to get the light-generating plant installed in their midst.

She was making a most miserable showing, and yet feelings were generating within her which were anything but crumbling cowardice.

That this spirit and mode may be the means of generating and guiding future endeavour will be a main object with such instructors.

Now, boys, if youll get busy and tighten up the stay and guy wires Ill arrange the gas-generating machine.

There are three methods of generating the electrical discharge which produces the rays.