Generations [noun]

Definition of Generations:

creation, production

Synonyms of Generations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generations:

Sentence/Example of Generations:

This new nexus of print has grown up in the lifetime of four or five generations, and it is undergoing constant changes.

The average citizen of three generations ago was probably not aware that he was an extreme individualist.

For thousands of years—perhaps for millions of years—the generations of men prayed to God for help, for comfort, for guidance.

The "standing room" problem is still removed from us by such uncounted generations that we need give no thought to it.

Here is a gold-mine for the makers of boys' books of all future generations to quarry in.

And most of them have gone under anyhow—in the cheerful California fashion: three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves.

Other forces now shape the oncoming generations and prepare them for further sensitive influences.

They announce to us successive generations of animals and plants; but they do not tell us how long these generations lived.

No attempt is made to fix the time when the building will be completed, but the work will undoubtedly occupy several generations.

In all cases there is a stairway, often long and steep, crumbling with time and worn with the feet of pious generations.