Generator [noun]

Definition of Generator:

engine converting energy

Synonyms of Generator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generator:


Sentence/Example of Generator:

YouTube was becoming a significant ad revenue generator in its own right.

Make a meme with a meme generatorThe quickest way to make a meme is to use a meme generator.

Microsoft on Thursday announced a new password generator for the recently released Edge 88.

It’s widely used in San Diego to heat homes and for cooking but it also powers a lot of the main energy generators used to create electricity for the region.

Amazon Web Services, a big profit generator for the company, has also experienced increased demand during the pandemic.

Evolution seems to have shaped developmental programs to take advantage of noise as a natural generator of diversity.

These facilities often have sophisticated freezers for long-term storage, as well as a reliable electricity supply and backup generators.

We still have a giant generator in our front yard in case of power outages and hurricanes.

They booked tickets to Kenya and tried to launch a pilot program for their business selling solar-powered water pumps and generators.

According to the sheriff’s department, deputies were attempting to remove a container of gas that was near a generator used for the rally because it was a danger and against the rules of the permit.