Genes [noun]

Definition of Genes:

deoxyribonucleic acid

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Sentence/Example of Genes:

Mental health and resilience emerge from an ever-changing combination of genes and life experiences — some of which set the body awry early on.

Mental health and resilience emerge from an ever-changing mix of genes and life experiences.

When it did land in or near genes, they were ones that are wrapped in the molecular equivalent of razor wire, which prevents the genes from being turned on.

A range of woolly rhino genes displayed molecular structures that may have helped the animals survive in an arctic environment.

A year after receiving the gene therapy, seven of nine boys are showing positive results.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution being brought about by technologies like AI, gene editing, robotics, and 3D printing is predicted to cause dramatic social, political, and economic upheaval in the coming decades.

Most importantly, CRISPR is cheap, quick, easy to use, and more accurate than all previous gene editing methods.

This is partly because genes, tissues and organs often have several different functions, so it may become difficult to change one for the better without accidentally “breaking” something elsewhere.

Those genes also help determine who may develop certain diseases.

It would take some work to figure out which genes are the best to edit, Knoepfler notes.