Genetically [adverb]

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Those two species may actually be eight, or as many as 14, based on genetic evidence reported in 2016 in Science Advances.

If there is a match between genetic profiles, it does not mean that police have found their suspect — but rather they may have located a relative of their suspect.

An international team of researchers has released the genetic instruction books of 363 species of birds, including 267 genomes assembled for the first time.

It’s a genetic molecule that a cell uses to “read” the instructions needed to build proteins.

Not only were these four cases on the same flight, the authors of the paper concluded that each case had a virus with a genetic sequence that had never been documented in Hong Kong before.

Intuitive behavioral genetics may have granted hereditary rule some sense of legitimacy.

Most animals depend on DNA to store the genetic instructions used to make their proteins.

This points toward cryopreserved genetic material being a viable way to create clones, even after 40 years in the freezer.

That attack may prompt immune cells called neutrophils to release a web of genetic material geared at trapping virus particles outside of the cells.

We collected small skin samples for genetic and chemical analysis and placed satellite tags on six tohorā.