Genetics [noun]

Definition of Genetics:

study of plants

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Sentence/Example of Genetics:

If dialect stems from genetics, these outsiders should still sound like outsiders.

Addressing disparities related to living conditions, locations, and genetics has always been a factor of disease spread and mortality, but it has never been tracked, measured, and analyzed on such a scale.

In 2015, for example, two dozen of the world’s leading sports genetics researchers published a consensus statement in the British Journal of Sports Medicine affirming that “genetic tests have no role of play in talent identification.”

Factors of metabolic rateMetabolic rate and calorie requirements vary from person to person depending on factors such as genetics, gender, age, body composition and amount of exercise you do.

This seems remarkable on the face of it because there is no viable scientific opposition to evolution and it is widely accepted by biologists and other life scientists as being fundamental to understanding biology—from genetics to medicine.

Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier helped turn a bacterial defense into one of the most powerful tools in genetics.

She’s a PhD student in genetics at Princeton University, in New Jersey, who also worked on the study.

The blood samples in some studies might have come from patients who were much more sick than in other studies and the level of antibody production can vary immensely between individuals depending on factors ranging from age to genetics.

This behavior, as the study of Genetics shows, may be determined in lesser organisms by experiment.

Genetics contain medicines which control the uterine and sexual systems, which may all be reckoned among Neurotics.