Genially [adverb]

Definition of Genially:

with compassion

Opposite/Antonyms of Genially:

Sentence/Example of Genially:

"That's as it ought to be, Sam," said the detective genially.

Skipper Zeb exclaimed, genially, warming his hands before the fire.

"Have another scotch on the rocks, Ralph," he said genially.

He was on guard now when his Aminta played, not the indignant and the frozen, but the genially indifferent.

When Dorn had passed through another torrent of congratulations, the judge genially resumed the direction of affairs.

On the whole, Punch jibes impartially and genially at Suffragists and anti-Suffragists alike.

"That will make you feel quite one of the performers," said the Herr Professor genially.

Mr. Hawthorne never writes more genially and agreeably than when attempting to amuse children.

Despite verandahs and trees, the sunshine soaks down into every corner—genially, languorously warm.

Delgado called upon the Saints in a series of genially blasphemous exhortations.