Genitive [adjective]

Definition of Genitive:

concerning reproduction, intercourse

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Sentence/Example of Genitive:

These names are for the most part a Greek letter prefixed to the genitive case of the Latin name of the constellation.

Moreover, fet of the plural applies only to the nominative and accusative; the genitive has fota, the dative fotum.

The subject of warni is warschipe contained in the preceding genitive; see 6/18.

From Muskeeg, a swamp or bog, and o, the sign of the genitive.

Dr. Lowth, on the other part, supposes the possessive pronouns mine and thine to be genitive cases.

This termination of the noun seems to constitute a real genitive indicating possession.

Of two substantives the noun possessive is in the genitive; as, His father's glory; The sun's heat.

Monthe (B 1674) is an old genitive plural, after the numeral twelf.

The genitive almost invariably ends in -es, sometimes shortened to -s. Ex.

Substantives of French origin take a genitive in -es or -s, and remain unchanged in the dat.