Geniuses [noun]

Definition of Geniuses:

gift of high intellect

Opposite/Antonyms of Geniuses:

Sentence/Example of Geniuses:

The archdeacon speaks of spiritual geniuses, "geniuses in the region in which man holds communion with God."

Possibly their sole possessions consisted of the clothes they had on, a few bad pictures, and their several immortal geniuses.

Of geniuses in literature, one can count the names on his fingers; most authors are simply men of talent.

It's the drink, ye see, as does for a terrible lot o' geniuses.

However, you two young ones are the geniuses of the family, and we'll look to you.

He seems to have been one of the world's great eminent practical geniuses.

The fair walls, ungrimed by soot and smoke, rose fresh and perfect, a monument to one of the greatest geniuses of all time.

Thomas Edison is one of the greatest inventive mechanical geniuses who ever lived.

But extraordinary geniuses have a sort of prerogative, which may dispense them from laws, binding to subject wits.

The less we know about the personalities of very distinguished geniuses, the better it is for their fame.