Genres [noun]

Definition of Genres:

type, class

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Sentence/Example of Genres:

A still more important work, also part of the Encyclopedia, and continually quoted by botanists, is the 'Illustration des Genres.'

M. Brunetire spoke with ingenious boldness of the evolution of the genres.

One of the excuses made by writers who do not know how to write, is the diversity of genres.

Mais le prix de tout les genres de main d'œuvre ayant aussi augment de moitie—cela revient au meme—et la compensation se retablit.

Just as several genres form a phratry so in the classical form several phratries form a tribe.

Il peut dire avoir éprouvé sous tous les rapports tous les genres de procédés les plus injustes et les moins délicats.

One tradition stressed the "lowness" of satire, in itself and compared with other genres.

Harte also rejected the critical habit of giving satire a relatively low rank in the scale of literary genres.

One of those types resembled Blackmore's objection to a mixing of genres.

It may be well to state briefly the more salient features of the Sanskrit genres to which these works belong.