Gent [noun]

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Pretty soon, another one come back–a moustached gent, a right dudey one, with yalla tucks on his sleeves.

Mr. Burton, in his lately published "Narratives," points out another source of information regarding Drury, in the Gent.

Did the preacher gent die, er did Brother Peyton jump the game, taking the jackpot with him?

I wanted the old gent to start me up in it, but he said, 'Nix come arouse.'

The young gent, as is a gent, had no hargle-bargling about terms.

It will do very well for a commercial gent, but not for a gentleman.

I want a Second now to meet these gallants, You know what honour is.1 Gent.

In me their power suffers, That should protect the Innocent.1 Gent.

For I'm werry highly connected, as a gent, sir, can understand; And my family hold their heads up with the very furst in the land.

The oldest Belgian newspaper, the Gazet van Gent, was founded here in 1667.