Gentlemanly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gentlemanly:

In appearance he was tall and portly, and his bearing, carriage and presence were gentlemanly and refined.

Darry Drew was one of those quiet, gentlemanly fellows, who seem rather too sober for their years.

To the barrister's surprise, a well-dressed and really rather gentlemanly man entered.

It was the rule to be courteous, affable, gentlemanly, for all this was in harmony with the severity of art.

The position they chose to assume in combating this “fine old gentlemanly vice” is a singular feature in its history.

It is, believe me, much easier to govern a school of gentlemanly boys than one full of those of an opposite character.

She almost started at the eh, for it broke in grimly upon the gentlemanly flavour of his speech.

The Doctor was a gentleman, every inch of him, and ease is an essential quality of gentlemanly behavior.

Major Elbert took a hand, warning the lawyer that he must keep his speech within the limits of gentlemanly use.

These forays were conducted in much more gentlemanly fashion than the harrying of the Christian valleys in the autumn of 1915.