Gentry [noun]

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The miserable ignorance of the peasantry is a disgrace to the landed gentry, and loudly calls for reform.

It was played by particular request of one of the pepper-and-salt gentry.

The Tory gentry, who were powerful in all the counties, had special grievances.

In the two other parts the tradespeople and the gentry reside; they have an incomparably better aspect.

None but nobles and gentry are knights, and none but these will remain to dance to our music after that episode.

The Church, the nobles, and the gentry then turned one grand, all-disapproving frown upon them and shriveled them into sheep!

The landed gentry and the professions of the Church, the army, and the law were strongly on the king's side.

The Austerfield branch were yeomen, once so important in the English commons that they ranked next to the gentry.

In the end they were used as firewood; only a few pieces preserved by the neighbouring 53 gentry escaping destruction.

The Rising Sun Tavern was then a gathering place for the gentry and without doubt he saw them there.