Genuine [adjective]

Definition of Genuine:

authentic, real

Synonyms of Genuine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Genuine:

Sentence/Example of Genuine:

In the marketing space, digital transformation affords businesses countless opportunities to make a genuine connection with customers through personalized marketing experiences.

On “American Dream,” Willie Jones perfectly mashes up R&B, hip-hop, and vulnerability with a genuine country sound.

Seb has “a genuine interest in what you have to say” and “soft, velvety ears,” the site says.

There is no genuine will from the government to address issues related to gender ideology and the LGBTQ community because that will doesn’t exist in our society or in our culture either.

My number one priority is that our brand projects positive and genuine energy, and I am so happy we were able to achieve that with these photos.

And, I think it was just such a testament to what people wanted to be seeing, and wanted to be involved in, and how people really just wanted to be part of something bigger and genuine.

The non-election of Schilling, Bonds and Clemens sets up genuine suspense about whether they will ever be inducted, considering that 2022 will be their final appearance on the BBWAA ballot.

However, such efforts must be genuine and avoid falling into the trap of “ethics washing,” so I encourage providers to have the ethics frameworks audited by external experts and to commit to publishing the results.

Here are a few examples of genuine great news to end your year on that we guarantee is good for your health.

First, acknowledge and understand that these issues are real and genuine.