Geographic [adjective]

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The easiest way to cultivate the geographic sense is by practising the art of making sketch maps.

The Alleghanies bear a striking geographic resemblance to the Highlands of Scotland, so famed in song and story.

Available specimens were arranged according to geographic origin.

The extremes of geographic variation in Dipodomys ordii are greater than in any other species of the genus.

The species Dipodomys ordii is divisible into six complexes, or groups, of subspecies on both geographic and morphological bases.

Dipodomys ordii oklahomae is, for some unknown reason, restricted to a limited geographic range.

Examination of 18 specimens from Costa Rica shows no differences in scutellation, nor geographic segregation of two populations.

Taxonomic and geographic comments on Guatemalan salamanders of the genus Oedipus.

Generally speaking, the members of the highland faunal assemblage have more restricted geographic ranges.

There is considerable geographic variation in the number of dorsal granules around the midbody.