Geographical [adjective]

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One reason I love living in Berlin is its decentralized nature—while there is a geographical center to the city, the populace does not concentrate there during working hours, and as a result every neighborhood consistently retains a pulse.

Van Kerkhove says it’s possible vaccines will be tailor-made for certain geographical regions depending on how and where the virus mutates, but global travel means new strains won’t stay contained for long.

Heat maps are less successful for anything other than geographical data.

The best thing one can say is that Hawaii, which could use its geographical advantage to take stronger steps to restrict travel from other states, is suffering less.

Upon the geographical positions of the fixed points of the survey.

Each state of the United States generally has at least a few geographical oddities or unusual geographical formations.

In this, the learned Trustees have fallen into a statistical and geographical error, which we design to correct.

A variety of geographical resources and of human resources results in diversity in the economic life of the state.

Virginia has been regarded as the geographical center of this industry in the United States.

A similar geographical difference prevailed with regard to the relief to be given to the independent woman.