Geologic [adjective]

Definition of Geologic:

made of metal

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Sentence/Example of Geologic:

Planets can be made of other kinds of rocks that would contribute other gases to their atmospheres, and geologic activity changes a planet’s atmosphere over time.

This cycle gives rise to many of Earth’s geologic wonders, as well as its natural hazards.

Japan has already sent spacecraft to two other small asteroids, and the new mission promises sharp images that should reveal Phaethon’s shape, structure, geologic features and dust trail.

Sources from the ground, also known as geologic sources, emit from 172 to 195 teragrams of methane each year.

Both of these geologic features involve water spewing from the earth.

These conditions point to the conclusion that the rainfall in different regions varies greatly in the course of the geologic ages.

Modern horses are first noted in Europe and Asia, but far older forms flourished on the earth in former geologic periods.

Nothing would appeal to him more than that, unless it should be some great astronomic or geologic change.

In all geologic reasoning we are apt to err grossly when we leave out of our calculation the important element of time.

The earth is young, the birds are young, man is young—all young together at the morning of the earth's geologic day.