Geological [adjective]

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The geological character of this rock is more fully treated upon in the Appendix by my friend Dr. Fitton.

In the same year he was appointed to an inspectorship in the Mining and Geological Department.

It will be observed that no account is here given of the geological ages or of the successions of organic life.

And so the whole fabric of geological chronology vanishes into a mere unproved notion, based upon an if.

He lost his life by accidently falling into Blackrock creek, near Lynchburg, Va., while on a geological excursion.

Seemingly chipped stones have been found that belong to the remote Miocene geological age.

There could not well be a more striking instance of the imperfection of the geological record.

The geological formation of the heart of the continent promises to open a rich field for scientific exploration and investigation.

At the present the crag-beds are the most interesting feature to the visitor, especially if he be of a geological turn.

Through the influence of Clift he was elected a fellow of the Geological Society early in 1834.